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mistress ever? >>> is the cheated on sandra bullock the most admired woman in america? the startling results just in today of our exclusive "showbiz tonight" poll. >>> lindsay lohan locked up? disturbing news breaking today that the troubled lohan could b get thrown in jail. and wild new video today of the chaos surrounding lindsay. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, this is dangerous. >>> dead man posing, it looks like a normal shot of a guy on a motorcycle, he's dead, yes, he's dead and posing on a motorcycle. >>> tv's most provocative television news show starts right now. >>> hi there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with big news breaking today, the incredible rielle-oprah outrage. i couldn't help but think today that rielle hunter has to be regretting going on oprah for her first tv interview about her affair with john edwards. "showbiz tonight" can tell you that getting slammed doesn't even begin to describe the furious reaction today to rielle hunter basically telling oprah, hey, don't call me a homewrecker for having an affair and a baby with the guy who could have been the nex
[ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. it's friday. we're going to try something for about a month. and see if anybody is still watching at the end of the month. we wanted to do something on fridays called founding fathers fridays. our founding fathers, boy, they have -- most people don't even know who they are anymore. they were once revered in this country as divinely inspired, courageous visionaries. over the past 100 years we have come to realize they were nothing but old, white heathens. the christian founding has been eliminate and now maybe they were dieiests at best. it started with woodrow wilson. he wanted to transform america with roosevelt and progressive movement started. 1915-1920. the whole thing was falling apart and they couldn't get america to go for it. they couldn't get, they couldn't control americans. they couldn't do it. they wanted to transform america and they wanted three things. one, undermine faith and religion. this is the point when social justice comes in. it's no longer about equal justice or about redemption. it's social justice. they got in our fai
are there this morning. we'll have the latest coming up on "good morning america." >>> there has been another bizarre attack on children in china this morning. the third this week. a man attacked a group of kindergarten students with a hammer in eastern china. five children were injured. and then, he poured gasoline over his body and lit himself on fire. it was the fifth attack on schoolchildren in the last month. >>> a mine collapse in western kentucky has taken the lives of two miners. the men were found dead yet, about four miles from the surface. the mine where they were working has a long history of safety problems. it's been cited 840 times since january 2009. during that time, portions of the mine have been closed 11 times. >>> and in west virginia, the owners of the coal mine where 29 men died earlier this month, are offering each family a $3 million cash settlement. massey energy has also offered them a large insurance payout, family health coverage, and college payments for children. the families say taking the money will not bar them from legal action. >>> we know of president obama's firs
of a criminal probe here. s&p equity cut it to a sell and bank of america and merrill lynch cut it to a neutral this morning and see it down another 7% and all the other financials are weak here, as well. they're also concerned about any criminal porobes of any kind. finally, massey energy, third company here involved in difficulties here. there are reports of criminal investigation, i say reports regarding that mine explosion in west virginia that happened about three weeks ago. all of this weighing on the market. people don't know exactly what's going on. good news follow up on the home builders. generally orders have been improving here. horton 55% improvement overall in the net orders. that's an excellent metric and generally they have been improving. ryland one of the companies only disappointing. chevron same story here. higher oil prices have helped the upstream production but good news in chemical and even, larry, refining is starting to get better and you know what a disaster that has been for a while. >> investors are digesting a lot of important economic data today, manufacturing, co
. if we jump cheap corn into latin america -- dump cheap corn into latin america, what happens to the corn farmer in latin america? i think we need to ask that question. it needs to be part of the conversation. because i can't imagine most people who are undocumented really wanting to have to leave their home, their families, their friends to come to a country that they don't know or they don't necessarily speak the language, where they don't necessarily really know anyone, to try to make a life. they probably would rather stay home. but there's something that is drawing them here and it probably has something to do with our, you know, the great economy of the united states, but it probably also has something to do with the trade and agriculture policy which put a lot of pressure on economies in this hemisphere. so, with that, madam speaker, i'm just going to say, i'm going to yield back for the close to congressman polis, madam speaker, who has really been a champion on this issue, who has really kept the fire burning on it and i think, madam speaker, that we all owe him a debt of gratitu
as strongly as the general population. second, the most important issue in the hispanic community in america is economic empowerment, the ability to leave their children better off. some rhetoric by a handful of people over the years has been troublesome and i've always said, we don't want to be the antiillegal immigration party. we want to be the pro legal immigration part and we have to outline why illegal immigration is bad for legal immigration. which is what we're for. >> neil: looking at the land escape now, charles crist, opting out, running against you as a republican. maybe he thinks hello he'll have a better shot as a third part candidate. are you worried? >> i'm not worried. because ultimately this race was about running against what was happening in washington, d.c. when i got in 12 months ago and few people gave me a shot. i got in because i was the only candidate that was going to washington, d.c. to stand up today agenda the obama administration was advancing. i'm still the only candidate doing that. i'm running against two people, kendrick meek and charles crist, who support
as a friend, and america is very fortunate to have his talent as secretary of agriculture. i am honored to be here, to be speaking with you. the first speaker at this club was theodore roosevelt. i do want to point out that both peter roosevelt and franklin roosevelt or assistant secretaries -- both theodore roosevelt and franklin roosevelt or assistant -- were assistant secretaries of the navy. [laughter] there was a time when the navy only had three commissioned brigades, the united states, the consolation, and the constitution. we had a tiny navy, and one which had never fought. since the days of the revolution, the navy had been pretty quiet, although you could make a pretty good argument that the reason america changed the articles of confederation to the constitution that we have today it was because we could not build a national and navy to deal with the barbary pirates. that was one reason for the changes in philadelphia in 1789. in 1798, then secretary of the navy had three ships, a few marines to sail on those ships, and a decidedly limited navy. today, things have changed a l
not move up. it performs america's legal immigration system to maximize american economic prosperity and will impose tough sanctions on employers who break the law. in arizona they passed a very draconian law on immigration because they are upset the federal government is not acting. in nevada, the republican governor sent a letter to president obama calling for action, federal action, on immigration. and i find the position of the republicans in arizona and in nevada who say the problem is one of the federal government now say we will not buy you work on it. that is why we are here this afternoon, inviting them to help was work on this issue. take a look at our proposals. i do not direct this to learn to grant only. there are 40 other republicans. take a look at this proposal. it is a good faith effort to move forward. we say, come and talk with us. work with us. >> thank you. we come to discuss this issue of immigration facing the reality of the broken immigration system in america facing the reality of a controversy law and arizona which is going to be challenged as it meets the m
cameras. he's been called the toughest sheriff in america. all right, carlos, what's your serious problem with this law? >> well, first of all, i am not carpooling in arizona, i'll tell you that right now. well, the basic problem with the law is, and here's the way i see it. i'm not defending illegal aliens. i'm defending americans. i think if you pull over americans like myself because i happen to be speaking spanish in my car, or because i happen to have ten family members who look like me in my car, that's a violation of civil rights. i completely understand why officers like this law. because of course it makes it easier for them to do their job. but it will be easy to ask black kids, hey, show me your drug because you're showing saggy pants. put everybody who's white between the ages of -- hey, we've got serious killers on the look you fill the profile. this isn't right. >> larry: let's say it's midnight, sheriff. six mexican-americans are driving in a car through a street in your city. are they stopped? >> well, we're doing our crime suppression operation. you can see me being out i
around an spreading potentially could become america's worth environmental disaster in decades. >> we have over 100,000 feet of boom and they're working nonstop, protecting all the areas that we can get to that are yeek logically and economically sensitive. >> reporter: british petroleum has mobilized more than 1100 worker, 76 vessels and 400,000 feet of boom trying to protect miles of fragile shore line. eight days after the deep water who are rye zn oil rig went down, this disaster is far worse than first believed. coast guard officials now estimate as many 5/,000 barrels of oil pour into the gulf every day. that's five times higher than earlier estimates. they've already identified a third leak, 5,000 feet under water, in an oil pipeline called a riser. it could take 90 days to plug the leak. and by then, as many as 19 million gases could have leaked into the gulf. like so many people look the gulf coast, sport fisherman steve kennedy is worried. >> it's a matter of how many boats they got out there skimming. there'sing for to be some come ashore. >> reporter: with a disaster this
," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. later -- a spectacular opening for the shanghai expo 2010. china spends big time to reinforce its global influence. it and vietnam marks 35 years since the war ended with the fall of saigon. >>> british petroleum is facing growing criticism over the giant oil spill in the gulf of mexico. u.s. homeland security chief is urging the british oil company to commit more resources to clean up operation the oil slick is washing up on the coast of louisiana and is threatening three other states. this is the latest images from space and how far it is projected to spread by saturday. >> along the coastline, the future of some of the most fragile x systems hangs in the balance -- ecosystems hangs and the balance. the marshlands are home to hundreds of species. it now a sinister mass slowly seeping among the isolated inlet's is approaching their delicate world. we moved along one of those inlet's into the gulf of mexico, past the armada of vessels trying to save the entire area, just off the coast we found the edge of the slick. i don't know how obvious
tonight on "nightline," biting back, an invasion is under way across america. millions of insects that feed on human blood, and they're really hard to kill. we join the fight against the new scourge of the bed bug. >>> forget about it. the sopranos, jersey shore, the real housewives. why is the garden state so made for tv, the big hair, we get real in new jersey. >>> plus, game changer. it's all eyes on florida today as a one time republican star defects by a tea party favorite on the rise. we're all access in the sunshine state for the "nightline" interview. >>> good evening. they may be small insects, but they're causing big problems. they don't discriminate between rich and poor, and they're happy in your home or even traveling in your luggage. decades after almost being exterminated, bed bugs are back, right across the country. not just beneath the bed lynnen but intesting entire buildings. why the sudden resurgence and what can you do to defend yourself and your home. jeremy hubbard now reports. >> reporter: smaller than an apple seed, resilient as a cockroach. bed bugs, thos
and welcome to gmt. oil washing ashore along the coast of louisiana as fears grow that america is facing the worst environmental disaster in decades. oil is leaking from an underwater well that was damaged last week. president obama has pledged every available resource to help. >> louisiana wait for the inevitable. one of america's most sensitive nationanatural habitats, and the pollution stretching over thousands of square miles. more than one week after the disaster, and this is how it looks now, moving slowly to involve the shoreline. it seems that nothing can stop the it. -- stop it. >> the effort said will be required are just mindboggling. >> makeshift booms are being rolled out in an attempt to put up barriers. how effective they will be, no one knows. the military has been called in. a state of emergency has been declared. attempts to burn off some of the oil has not stopped the advance. this was the oil rig last week shortly before it sank, killing 11 oil workers. the explosion ripped away a pipeline, leading to an oil well 5,000 feet beneath the surface. it is now sprouting lea
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," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. ahead, a spectacular opening for the shanghai expo 2010, china tries to reinforce its chelal galt influence. and vietnam marks -- and china tries to reinforce its global influence. and vietnam marks 35 years since the fall of saigon. >>> a huge oil slick in the gulf of mexico is washing ashore in the american state of louisiana. four southern states are being menaced by the oil slick which is a threatening environmental and economic disaster. at the white house says no new offshore drilling will be authorized until a full investigation has been done into this bill perry >> evening, the threat of ecological disaster hangs over this entire region of the u.s. i just got back from seeing the oil slick. it is still growing, still heading towards land. along a massive stretch of coastline, the future of some of the most fragile x systems hangs in the balance. at the marshlands where the mississippi river flows into the gulf are home to hundreds of species. today, the oil is approaching their delicate world. it is spreading out from a ruptured pi
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save money. live better. walmart. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, april 30th. >> and i'm robin roberts. this morning, breaking news. the massive oil spill in the gulf washes ashore, endangering hundreds of species and threatening to surpass even the exxon valdez disaster. sam leads our coverage down in the gulf. >>> president obama responds by dispatching top cabinet members to the disaster. he calls in the navy, too. but is it enough? and what will this mean for obama's plans to expand oil drilling? the latest from white house adviser, david axelrod, in a "gma" exclusive. >>> plus, the other woman. rielle hunter breaks her silence about her affair with john edwards, their daughter, and the lessons she's learned. >> i followed my heart. and i believe it was the right thing to do. >> we get reaction from edwards' former campaign aide in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and the queen of talk takes on distracted drivers. oprah winfrey joins us live with a challenge for all of us. >>> and, robin, what everyone feared has happened. oil has hit shore down in the g
to understand is, here again, the politicians are behind this. if you check out every working person in america, the vast majority are opposed to making 30 million -- and it is not 11 million, those are lies. 30 million illegal citizens. just like here in washington yesterday, somebody said that he wants to pass a resolution in a council where our city will not do business with arizona. who the hell is he to speak for washingtonians? this is the kind of thing that we have to be mindful of i am glad that you are taking a stance down there. mr. obama needs to be working on jobs instead of immigration. that is what he needs to be working on. before this is over with, we might all have to be working in strawberry fields and chicken factories because it is going to be a long time before jobs come back to america. even before the great depression, gas did not come back until the war. these jobs that people say americans do not want, and i do not believe that. i never see anyone jumping up and down in the streets for legalizing. host: he talked about washington, d.c. council actions. i have heard abou
. this is the fastest growing minority in america. let's keep in mind, 50 percent, 50 percent of the children born in america are brown. jon: let me cut this one short. the president has entered the rose garden, he's about to speak on immigration, as well as the new gdp numbers. let's listen in. >> the department of interior and homeland security, as well as the administrator of the eps, my assistant for energy and climate change policy, and the noah administrator to the gulf coast to ensure we continue to do everything necessary to respond to this event, and i expect their reports today. as i said yesterday, bp is ultimately responsible under the law for paying the cost of response and cleanup operations, but we are fully prepared to meet our responsibilities to any and all affected communities. that's why we've been working closely with state and local authorities since the day of the explosion. there are now five staging areas to protect sensitive shore lines. approximately 1900 federal response personnel are in the area, and more than 300 response vessels and aircraft iran the -- on the screen
's approaching delicate areas and the oil slick could be america's worst environmental disaster in decades. >>> and in supports, another tough loss for the orioles at the hand of the yankees. rodriguez picks up the markakis grounder and throes him out and canoe hits a home run and now,the orioles will welcome the red sox for a three game series and this weekend, it will be masn on wjz. that's here on wjz. now, one of the cooler sports stories of the day. the spur's guard, tony parker had a lot on his mind last night. >> freethrow! going to buy me a new car. >> that was the head coach telling if they missed, they would have to buy him a car and sure enough, parker missed his shot. there's no word on when and if he'll pay up. the spurs went on to win the game. >>> and we wanted to mention this again if i say so myself, this is the weekend of the kentucky derby, there's the website. tomorrow's the first saturday in may and it's the kentucky derby. this year, it sets the stage for the preakness stakes and i'll tell you why. lee ann rimes. >> where's her hat. >> well, i was mentioning, normally
. tonight, the oil is on the shore of america's gulf coast and a lot more is on the way. someone in new orleans said today at times the smell is so strong it's like breathing the fumes of a car. and here is where that oil from the exploding rig is tonight as it starts to coat the beaches of louisiana. and, remember, one-fifth of the nation's seafood comes from these waters, shrimp, oysters, and 1,200 people are standing by to try to save the wildlife too. sam champion is in a commercial channel down in the gulf. >> reporter: this is tiger pass. clean water that shrimp boats take straight into the gulf. no one knows how big it's going to get or when it will end, because that uncapped well keeps pouring oil right into the gulf. there's been another question for a few days now. will that oil get into the protected wildlife behind us and harm any of the wildlife there? well, today that question was answered. the first environmental casualty of the gulf oil spill was found today. >> you can tell he is contaminated. the bird does have oil on the feathers. >> reporter: this northern ganet is s
extreme. glennbeck.com. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: next on "special report," the oil is still flowing into the gulf and still heading toward the louisiana coast. we have live team coverage. another good sign for the economy, as first quarter growth numbers come out. could uncertainty over the iraqi political situation keep america troops there longer than expected? li live from our studio in washington this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. oil from a sunken rig in the gulf of mexico now reached the louisiana coastline. much more is on the way, along with bad weather. the military is now involved in the effort to head off an environmental disaster. or at least try to. we have fox team coverage. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on the administration's response. correspondent jonathan serrie looks at the economic impact on the fishing and tourism industries, but we begin with correspondent kris gutierrez live in venice, louisiana, the staging area for the
the embassy bombings in kenya, tanzania, khobar towers, uss cole, first frayed center bombing. america is not going to respond. they anticipated the same none response. >> clearly bin laden did not register with him it shows his lack of understanding of the american people less so the presidency, but the american people could not tolerate something like what happened on 9/11 in this country. the end result of that has been, i think a stunner for almost everybody involved in the al-qaeda leadership. whether it is in the border between pakistan and afghanistan or whether it was in iraq. they never expected the americans to fight back. we do fight back. >> sean: move to where we are today. the conclusion of the 9/11 commission report, they are at war with us, we are not are with them. bin laden, came to what was an obvious conclusion, based on events as they were unfolding. we heard last week, our own secretary of defense tell this country, they think that iran, that tiny country that president was talking about, they don't represent a threat, they don't pose a threat. iran is going to ha
: hello, america. on monday, i gave you a story and explained if you can't have financial regulation done, by honest people, you shouldn't have it done. it's done by crooks and thieves that we currently have in washington. the best way i can explain this when i got together with my staff this morning i said can you give me footage of george clooney in "oceans 11." this is my favorite movie. george clooney, "oceans 11." do you remember the scene? andy garcia character runs a casino. he's in the vaults where you cannot steal any of the money from all the casinos. well, they find out that somebody is stealing it so he calls the police. in this movie, he wasn't calling the police. he was calling these guys. he thought they were the police, but they weren't. it was the crooks. george clooney's crewny dressed -- crew dressed as cops. they rigged the phone life. he called the robbers to come and help stop the crime they were committing. so, here is andy garcia. this is us. this is our financial scandal. do you remember this? that is the day that so many people lost their life savings. scandal. w
want to maximize america's prosperity. our failure to act is perpetuating a broken system that discourages the world's best and brightest to come here and contribute to our economy. we will attract the world's best and brightest to america because our framework will award a green card to immigrants to get a ph.d. or master's degree in science and technology, engineering, or math from american university. finally, the american people deserve more than empty rhetoric and impractical calls for mass deportation. our framework says, if you've been working hard, kept your nose clean and be productive, you'll be able to get right with the law if you come forward, register with the government come to admit you are here illegally, pay the taxes you owe, and pass background checks bridge are framework creates a way to let people live upright lives after paying the penalties for illegal action. in conclusion, immigration reform is a morally complex and politically explosive challenge. there is no more important and difficult task than defining the american community and determining h
this is a very important adjunct to america's transportation system. now having said all of that and complimented you sufficiently, let me -- >> devil's lake on your mind, senator? >> mr. swkrao: yes, it is. yes, it is. you mentioned i think that the empire builder is probably one of the most successful long distance trains on the amtrak system. the senator from washington knows that, because that's where the empire bear in minder ends up. over -- builder ends up. over half a million people get on that train from chicago to seattle, it goes through north dakota and we face a problem. we have chronic lake flooding that's been going on for a dozen years now in what is called devil's lake. dramatic flooding. i think it's the only circumstance other than the great salt lake, where you have a closed basin, we don't quite understand where all of this is going to go, but the lake has increased in height, i think 25 feet now, and it just continues to rise. this year, it's expected to rise again. we have a bridge near church's ferry on a track owned by burlington northern, where amtrak, i believe, slows d
. foxnews.com. remember, your other news source during "america's newsroom". martha: this is a fox news alert, the government just releasing a key new economic report that gives us a better snapshot of where the economic recovery stands now. according to the latest estimate, the gdp, gross domestic product, grew at 3.2%, the first quarter of this year. the gdp is essentially a measurement of the country's overall economic output. so here to give us some clue as to what this number means for the economy, fox news business network's gerry willis. here is the latest bit of data we have to get a gauge on what the economy is doing. it's significantly lower than it was in the fourth quarter of last year. why? >> that was unsustainable, we had growth of 5.6% in the fourth quarter and that's the normal inventory rebuilding that happens after a recession. that's what was going on. so once that was sort of over, economists were looking for somebody else to pick up the slack in the economy. turned out to be consumers. they're spending at levels they haven't spent in three years. they came in with
probe and s&p equity research cut them to a sell and bank of america and merrill cut them to a neutral. take a look at what's going on with the big financials this week overall. again, this is outside, just knock on risk from some of these other companies that we had overall and we still haven't got regulatory reform through yet and we still don't know what is in that bill. that is another risk floating out there for all these companies. we need anything else? how about massey energy. again, reports down here big that there might be a federal criminal investigation regarding that mine explosion in west virginia. spills, investigations and reputational risk the story of the day. scott, we're down almost 2% on the nasdaq this week it looks like to me. so, nasdaq is not up this week along with the dow and s&p. >> technologies lagged, bob. certainly a drag today. down 13%. 13.5% and being dragged down by the three technology stocks. microsoft down 0.6% and apple is down better than 1%. else where in big cap and widely held technology and google is positive, but only a fraction. the stock t
as it relates to politics and the survival of his party this fall. that is wrong for america and wrong on this issue. and he should not be stirring up hysteria over this issue. we ought to be dealing with it in a rational and reasonable way. >> karl, we are doing too good. we will come right back and have more with karl rove in a moment. including president obama implying there is a limit to how much money americans should make. then an alabama politician tells his constituents to learn english if they want to live in america. are you offended by that. those stories coming right >> juan: continuing with our pal the genius karl rove, while speaking about wall street reform, president obama went off script during this remark. >> we're not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. i mean, i do think at a certain point have you made enough money. but, you know, part of the american way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you are providing a good product and providing good service. >> juan: karl, what do you think of this? you wrote, in fa
and supportive. for a year now, sarah palin, glenn beck and their minions have been warning that america is morphing into a police state. so where is palin and beck now that governor jan brewer is doing to the southwest what president barack obama supposedly helps to do to the country. they're blissfully unconcerned, they don't see any threat to liberty at all. peter barnhart is the senior political writer for the "daily beast" and we're also joined by "daily beast" contributor, mark mckinnon, the vice chairman of public strategies and a former campaign adviser to george w. bush and john mccain. this is one of those interesting little inflection points where we learn where people really stand. peter, are they zwrust against the people on the right, they're only against big government when it's not doing what they want or it's doing what they don't want? >> exactly. that's right. it's kind of libertarianism for me, but authoritarianism for other people. the truth is, for all the talk that it's high taxes that tend to lead to government abuse, to government breaking into people's homes and
spill in the gulf grows more urgent, so does the debate over america's energy policy. obama administration putting the brakes on authorizing oil drilling until there is an adequate review of exactly what happened. is that the sound of opportunity knocking for my next guest. boone pickens, famed texas oil man and now a clean energy advocate, chair of the hedge fund bp capital management. good to have you, sir. i know you have spent billions pushing for wind power, now natural gas. in unfortunate ways, this spill great news for you? >> is this great news? no, this is sad for the industry and for everybody involved, but i would like for the president to clarify when he says he's shutting down offshore drilling. i can't believe that that's what he's saying. i think he is meaning to say that they are not going to put the outer continental shelf off the east and west coast and the west coast of florida up for drilling, which is what he announced a month ago. but you can't shut down offshore drilling. >> when i say is it good news i mean in the sense it's certainly terrible for the
, the single broadest measure of america's economic health. at the height of our economic crisis, that measure all too often was delivering grim news. but today is a different story. in the first quarter of last year, our economy shrank at 6.4%. today we learned that in the first quarter of this year our economy grew at a rate of 3.2%. what this number means is that our economy as a whole is in a much better place than it was a year ago. the economy that shrank for four quarters in a row has now grown for three quarters in a row. that growth has been a condition for job growth. the economy that was losing jobs a year ago is creating jobs today. after the single biggest economic crisis in our lifetimes, we're heading in the right direction. we're moving forward. our economy is stronger. that economic heartbeat is growing stronger. but i measure progress by a different pulse. the progress the american people feel in their own lives, day in, day out. this week i spent a few days visiting with folks in the small town in the midwest, places where the damage done by the worst recession in our lifeti
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states of america. by the wearing the drug business, i understand as some estimates is 65 billion dollars a year. >> greta: president obama, when this discussion the other day about your state's statute referred to it as misguided. how do you get his attention on this? there's just no question that there's a horrible amount of violence i think it is going to get worse because it is not getting prettier in mexico how do you get president obama's attention on this? >> well, i hope he might take the opportunity to come down to our border and meet the people whose property is being routinely violated. and our wildlife refuges being destroyed because of moment of these people across our borders. i wish he with would listen to his own border patrol who will tell threw is more than they can handle down there. the president never had a lot to do with these issues while we was a state senator or the short time he was the united states senator. i hope he will educate himself. for him to say this law was misguided, i would urge him to read the because the law does not, in my view, violate people's r
live at what is going on down there. "good morning america" will have full coverage today at 7:00. >>> he served baltimore city for years, but family members of former city councilman ken harris want to see the three accused of killing him spend time in prison. the murder trial is set to begin hours from now. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. ken harris was a baltimore city councilman who fought against violent crime in the city he grew up in. that same violent crime took his life. now today here at courthouse east, those accused of his murder will stand trial. two adults and a teenager were charged in the murder of councilman harris. they played a part in the murder in september of 2008. a third suspect, 17-year-old jerome williams was also charged. detectives say all three ambushed the former councilman and the owner of a lounge. the gunfire erupted hitting harris when he jumped in his car and took off but later collapsed. after the suspects shot harris, they took the owner back into his lounge and robbed the place taking cash and personal items. a judge denied bail
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america more than any other thing. thank god for you. you are doing a wonderful job and i hope the rest of the nation mirrors what you are doing in arizona. guest: i thank you. and that is the voice of america. in arizona, 3-321 for the law. in the rest of -- 3-1 for the law. and the rest of america, 2-1 for the law. host: next telephone call, buffalo, this is phillip, good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: yes. caller: this country is in dire straits. thank you for much of the work you are doing, but until november rolls around and then 2012, we have got to get different people in office. we cannot have people who are holding power -- not just obama, but everybody that is in theire. i cannot understand where the democrats are because they are driving our country into socialism just like they are in europe and we will go down the same tubes. they believe that and that is exactly what they are doing. immigration, they want this course. and i believe this immigration deal throughout the country now is going to be the trigger for mr. obama to declare martial law. guest: i will tell y
at some other stories makes news early today in america. >>> in new jersey, a tree-cutting crane took down more than foliage. a 90-foot crane toppled over sending the attached truck airborne before landing on a nearby house. the crane operator was taken to the hospital. >>> to oklahoma, quite a spectacle at a parking garage in tulsa, oklahoma, after a man backed his suv into and through a wall seven stories up. the driver is fine and despite the falling debris, no injuries were reported. >>> in alaska the coast guard demolished the last tallest structure with a controlled implosion. the navigation stood at over 1,300 feet. it was brought down due to concerns over its deteriorating condition. >>> and in new york city, all eyes are on radio city as auditions kick off for the legendary rockettes. hundreds of young ladies who think they've got what it takes all turned out. auditions will be coming up in l.a. in just a few weeks. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, yesterday when i left in th
pick up america yesterday. the group not only clears road sides and waterways of trash, but the group educates citizens about the dangers of littering. >> we picked up trash for 180 miles leaving a symbolically clean trail for the future. >> maryland is the starting point for their nationwide campaign. >>> federal, county and local agencies are teaming up to stress the safety along the potomac river. alex trevino takes a closer look at some of the risks. >> reporter: a perfect day for rock climbing in the potomac gorge or kayaking in one of america's favorite rivers, but that wasn't all the activity in the area. air support closed in and river rescuers were practicing saving lives to demonstrate the resources needed in a deadly predicament. >> in the summertime, on the weekends there are people up and down the trail. >> reporter: the goal is to increase safety on the river and eliminate accidental drowning. just last year, six persons lost their lives in this 14- mile stretch of the potomac from great falls to the key bridge. >> the river is deep. it's strong. it's treacherous and it
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